Fire Extinguisher Service

Extinguisher service is while you wait (by appointment) if you can get to Essex or 2 day turn around once received by post.      
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Zero 2000 4ltr Electric Refill

Zero 2000 4ltr Electric Refill£149.00

2.25 ltr Zero 2000 Electric Refill

2.25 ltr Zero 2000 Electric Refill£119.00

Zero 2000 4ltr Electric Service

Zero 2000 4ltr Electric Service£64.00

Zero 2000 4ltr Mechanical Refill/Service

Zero 2000 4ltr Mechanical Refill/Service£54.00

Lifeline 2.4ltr Handheld Service/Refill

Lifeline 2.4ltr Handheld Service/Refill£19.50

LifeLine 2.4 Litre AFFF Hand Held service or Refill

lifeline Hand Held Service/Refill   1.75

lifeline Hand Held Service/Refill 1.75£16.50

Lifeline 1.75 Ltr AFFF Service or Refill


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items