Fire Extinguisher Service

We service Lifeline, PD and RRS extinguishers.   Just click on the one you want serviced.  Add to Basket, Fill in your details, Pay  and post to the address provided.    Extinguisher service is while you wait (by appointment) if you can get to Essex or 2 day turn around once received by post.      

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Zero 360 3kg  Electric Refill

Zero 360 3kg Electric Refill£550.00

Lifeline Zero360 3kg Electric Refill

Zero360 2.25 Electric refill

Zero360 2.25 Electric refill£495.00

Lifeline Zero 360 2.25 kg Elecric refill

Zero 360 3kg Mechanical Refill

Zero 360 3kg Mechanical Refill£460.00

Lifeline Zero360 3kg Refill

Lifeline Zero360 Mech Refill 2.25kg

Lifeline Zero360 Mech Refill 2.25kg£395.00

Zero360 2.25 Mechanical Refill

Zero 360 2.25kg Electric Service

Zero 360 2.25kg Electric Service£155.00

Lifeline Zero 360 Electric Service

Zero 360 3kg  Electric Service

Zero 360 3kg Electric Service£155.00

Lifeline Zero360 Elecric Service

Lifeline Zero360 Mech  Service

Lifeline Zero360 Mech Service£115.00

Zero 360 Mechanical 2.25Kg and 3.00kg Service

Lifeline 2020 Electric 2020  service

Lifeline 2020 Electric 2020 service£105.00

Life Line 2020 Electric service/refill

Lifeline 2020 Mech Service/Refill

Lifeline 2020 Mech Service/Refill£98.00

Life Line 2020 Mechanical Service Refill

RRS 4.25 Extinguisher Service

RRS 4.25 Extinguisher Service£69.00

RRS Mech Extinguisher 4.25ltr Service

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Page 1 of 2:    16 Items