Looking to Buy Home Fire Extinguishers?

29 June 2021  |  Admin


Your safety in motor sports is one of the most important things to ensure. Driving any motorised vehicle incredibly quickly comes with its inherent risks and minimising them should be your top priority, it really can be the difference between life and death. Here at 1st Quality Services, we take this responsibility incredibly seriously and we supply high quality safety products, like home fire extinguishers, for your own safety. 


The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has very strict regulations in the UK, which require every competing car to carry a fire extinguisher during a competition. As such, we’re dedicated to providing high quality home fire extinguishers and safety equipment for your vehicles, so you can hit the track with confidence.


What should you know about home fire extinguishers?


The dangers of a fire in motor sports are high and concerning, with the onboard fuel and electrical systems being an ideal environment for a blaze to begin. Which is why having a home fire extinguisher close to hand is really important. Not only will it be able to prevent a fire from destroying your car, it can also help to protect the driver and any co divers that might be trapped in the car should an accident occur. If you properly install one of our home fire extinguishers, then it might well save your life. 


So, if you’re on the run up to a motor sport event, it’s best to make sure that your home fire extinguishers are up to date. If you’re unsure on which one to pick (and there are many that you can choose from, then we can help. The main type of extinguishers for you to choose from are handheld and plumbed in, both of which can offer their own benefits to you when you’re in an accident. We sell both types here at 1st Quality Services, so whichever one you decide upon, we can make sure that you have high quality supplies delivered straight to you.


- Handheld extinguishers


Handheld home fire extinguishers are perhaps that most well known type of fire extinguisher, they’re the type that are often found in school halls or at places of private residence. The benefit of using handheld home fire extinguishers is that they are easily accessible at a moments notice and can be easily kept under a seat or in the footwell. This means that, while they won’t roll around, they can be easily accessible with quick release straps.


- Plumbed-in extinguishers


Our plumbed-in home fire extinguishers work a little differently because they are a permanent fixture of a race car, designed to be secured in place using a bracket. This means that you don’t have to find a place to put your home fire extinguishers because there is already a predetermined space for them and they are offering you more space in your vehicle without compromising on safety.


Want to order one for yourself?


If you’re interested in home fire extinguishers for your next motorsports event, then why not head over to our website to browse our exceptional collection? You can purchase through our website, but you’re more than welcome to speak to one of our members of staff by giving us a call on 01245 329254 or emailing us at info@1stracerallying.co.uk.